What is love?

After falling in love with some people, some songs will not bear to listen, because the lyrics imply the past. Some words do not want to say, because only a few words can remind the past. When I think of it, I have the feeling that I can't breathe for pain. It may last a little longer and it can't be erased. It can only be buried, no longer mentioned to anyone, because some stories need not be told to everyone, and really into the deepest heart of the story, is actually unable to say.

I often think of her, in bathing and sleeping, in the company or at home, eating delicious food, seeing beautiful travel photos on the Internet, in the car, walking into the crowd, looking out from the window at night, in dreams, walking with a person, playing games with friends, watching every girl.... Every minute of consciously living. You can think of her birthday when you turn to a page number; you can think of her name when you hear homonyms.

Why do I feel like I'm very lucky, because my mind is full of her. Later, I often think, why do people have to have abhorrent self-esteem? Compared with her, self-esteem is bullshit. But fate let us see, what kind of shit encounter we used to think was just a picture of everyone on the road of life, some long and some short, just like the innumerable long-legged babies floating outside the window after a brief dizziness. But she's different. She got you in. Meet so many people, but I don't know why I prefer her, and I can't extricate myself from the deep love. It seems that Buddha should be a passer-by, but it occupies such an important place in my heart. So you become unprecedented humble, and actually enjoy this humble. Like Eileen Chang said: I fell in love with you, I became very low, down to the dust, but my heart is happy, from the dust out of a flower. Your world has turned upside down and you begin to doubt everything. But there's no way to doubt her. For a moment, you feel that you don't have self-esteem, reason and thought.

For her, you will feel that these are all bullshit! After meeting her, people will become very contradictory, very literary and artistic, very brave, very cowardly, and even a little pessimism, feel that God did not care too much about themselves, for example, sometimes think about some things such as "why did not know you earlier, why did I not know you when I was a child, how did not experience youth with me, how did I not have the luck to be with you." You will strive to become excellent, all want to be recognized by her. You want to tell her: Give me some time, I will be great, you don't marry. I don't want to go to my favorite girl's wedding like my friend. The girl asked me: Why didn't my girlfriend come? I want to answer: She's married today. You'll do a lot without telling her. Give her a different ring tone and online reminder. Every time you type on your phone, her name pops up automatically, and you type them out, stare at them for a while, and then delete them, sometimes repeating them several times. You download some of her photos and store them on your mobile phone. You can watch them during the day, at night and before you go to bed. It feels like she'll be in your dream. But every time I wake up, I have tears in my eyes.

You don't know, when you meet her, you will feel that the world which was originally dirty and uneven is actually very beautiful and vivid. You have done something like helping others lead the way enthusiastically, smiling at the people you meet, and giving him some money happily when you meet a beggar.

You will see all her blogs, circles of friends and microblogs, see what she has shared, listen to her favorite music, watch her favorite movies, and wonder if this will bring you closer to her. Love is actually a delicious poison, poisoned, people get blindness, as if you can't see others. I find that when a person likes another person, he unconsciously finds 10,000 reasons to like her, and he only believes in the cause and effect that he is willing to believe. I have found that if people can realize how much real love can change people's minds, they will face it squarely and revere it.

Without the attitude of delivering oneself wholeheartedly in front of love, one will inevitably not realize the suffering of sleepless all night in true love, the hesitation of tossing and turning, and the timidity of facing the cold face. No wind, rain, thunder and lightning, no burning in the fire, no crying in the torrential rain, no humble to lose oneself... If people have experienced such feelings, they will be literary, have the ability to let words fly in the clouds and dance in the wind. Inspiration comes in handy, like a gift from heaven. In two words, it can be poked into human flesh. Low, low into the soil, high, straight to the clouds. This is a realm of love. Everything that may be connected to her will bring her face to you. Every day you think about interesting topics and how to start a conversation with her without getting bored. Everything about her has become careful, sometimes even want to pull away, but if it is true love, the more want to pull away but the clearer. You will feel that "I love you" is my own business, and from the very beginning, you will realize that there may be no return. But is willing to be silly, willing to try with hope, try to let her fall in love with you, even marry you. It's not about remembering how impulsive you are in the future. It's about being so proud and conceited that you were so humble and unrequited in your youth.
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