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Full Body Resistance Trainer

Full Body Resistance Trainer

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The ‘secret science’ isn’t so secret.. This is an old, simple technique. It works the same as lifting weights..

.. go and lift a heavy set of weights, and then go and pick up a lighter pair of weights.  

The difference will be astronomical. 

It’ll feel like lifting a feather when you go back to the lighter weights.  

That added resistance will make it harder at first. Your punches will feel heavier, and you probably won’t be able to do as many in a row.

But take those bands off after a 30 minute session, and your arms will feel faster than ever before.

.. packing a heavier punch, whilst exerting LESS energy.

You’ll punch faster than you did before.. you’ll punch harder than you did before.. You’ll feel stronger than you did before..

You will gain in explosivity.

Again, is that fair to your opponent?


.. it’s your unfair advantage.

It’s a re-invention of a technique that’s been used for years.

.. but resistance bands have never been so versatile.

And now, with the help of this equipment, you can do your 30 minute a day exercise and get a better workout.

You’ll almost always be sore the next day once you incorporate this into your routine

Better yet, the bands are made in a way to put less pressure on your joints, whilst engaging your muscles more.. Protecting you against further injuries, as you ramp up the intensity of your workout.

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