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Colors Make Everything Comes to Life So, Why not your game?

Cut the dull, tedious training sessions with a reflective, glowing soccer ball. Split the darkness in style, and create some mesmerizing videos. This ball is made of patent-pending hygroscopic, reflective leather. It's a groundbreaking technology nestled carefully with 100% nylon wrap and rubber pouches to revolutionize the way you tackle a soccer ball.



Full Complimentary Package

You'll receive everything you need to keep your soccer ball in mint, pristine condition, and carry it around effortlessly. This includes a pomp, net bag, and a ball needle.

Late-Night Practice

It's an ingenious way to practice or just kick a few balls late at night without having to look for it every 5 seconds. The reflective leather will shine bright at night. So, you won't risk losing your soccer ball or interrupt your practice.

Perfect Social Media Content

This reflective soccer ball glows in vivid, holographic colors and eye-pleasing sight when filmed with a flash camera. Whether it's for personal use or YouTube content, dazzle everyone with your unique shots.

A No-Brainer Gift

Awesome friends and relatives know that the best kind of gift is sporting goods. Especially this holographic soccer ball, it’s unique, timeless, ageless, and looks priceless. Choose this mesmerizing ceramic mug to gift it to your loved one, friend, best friend, or relative. It will be a memorable keepsake and a token of your love.

Built to Last

Nowadays, a proven superiority of construction is quite rare as a unicorn. Fortunately, this soccer ball is made of sturdy, premium quality leather and 100% nylon wrap and rubber pouches. Kick it and through it or play a full game with it. It's as tough as a center-back header.


  • Design: Patent-pending holographic material
  • Material: Durable, high-quality PU leather
  • Process: Machine sewing
  • Size: No. 5 standard soccer
  • Color: reflective colors
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