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The Zen Smoke Fountain

The Zen Smoke Fountain

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  • RELAX, REVIVE, REJUVENATE: The Zen Smoke Fountain is guaranteed to help you create a relaxing atmosphere after a long day of work, stress, racing thoughts, and pressure. Create a comfortable, serene atmosphere, wherever you are, by simply lighting an incense cone atop The Zen Smoke Fountain and cleanse your environment of negative energies, ease your tension, and help yourself enter a relaxed, meditative mood.

  • INCENSE CONES INCLUDED: Ten incense cones come included and are specifically designed to burn in conjunction with the The Zen Smoke Fountain, creating a relaxing waterfall of smoke, as if billowing down a river or stream.

  • CUSTOM-MADE: The Zen Smoke Fountain have been thoughtfully handcrafted from premium glazed ceramic making each one unique.

  • PORTABLE SIZE: Measuring approximately 4” wide and 8” tall, makes it the perfect piece, suitable for any place in your home or office for you to simply light, relax, and take time out for yourself to be calm and tranquil.

  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We’re sure you’ll absolutely love relaxing with The Zen Smoke Fountain, however if for any reason you aren’t satisfied with it, we’ll be more than happy to issue a refund or send you a replacement.

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