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Tree of Life Dreamcatcher

Tree of Life Dreamcatcher

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According to Native Americanmyths. the air during night time is filled with all kinds of dreams from good to bad. Dreamcatchers were thus createdas a protective talisman against bad dreams.

Dreamcatchersare usually hung above a bed.where it can catch all the dreams. Good ones willgently flow downwards to soothe the sleepers. while the bad ones will be caught in the net and destroyed by sunlight.

The Tree of life represents all that is life. and the cycle of life. Those dedicated to honoring the spirit of this ancient tree know the value of all beings and Mother Earth. and live a life that honors what it symbolizes.

These handcrafted rustic dreamcatchersare made even more mystical and beautiful with a string of LED lights entwined within them. enabling them to function as soothing nightlights.

At the center of the dreamcatcher is a pendant depicting the tree of life. May it fill your dreams with the beauty of nature and the wisdom that it represents.

For those who enjoy weaving their own dreamcatcher. a DIY kit containing the unassembled components for this dreamcatcher is available.

Please note that the DIY optionassumes prior knowledge of how to weave a dreamcatcher with the intent of creating a personalized piece. so only the components are sent.

Materials: Rattan. Wooden Beads. Cotton Wire. Zinc Alloy Ornaments & Feathers.
Size: ~50 cm (19.6) in Total Length.
Light Source: LED String Lights (2m / 78.0)
Power Source: 2 x CR2032 ButtonBatteries(Not Included)
*Dreamcatcher and LED string lights come separately and can be manually entwined according to your preferences*

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